Why I am Running


Experience and Commitment Make a Difference

By Jim Condos

I am running for re-election in 2016 because I believe in:

My 30+ years of experience in the business sector, along with my 26+ years of elected local and state government experience have led to a strong and positive working relationship with many Vermonters across the state. I have a proven record of results and the experience necessary to make a difference. Open government is good government!

When I ran for Secretary of State in 2010, I knew that this was a job I could do well. The management knowledge that I gleaned from my past business sector experience kept the office running smoothly and led to important administrative improvements. My past elected service experience led to much-needed public policy improvements in elections oversight and campaign finance regulation, lobbyist disclosure, maintenance of the state archives, professional regulation, and corporate registration.

Since first being elected as VT’s Secretary of State, I have worked hard on all these issues. I have worked with the legislature to strengthen our public records laws – the most significant changes since the law was first enacted in 1976. As a result, I embarked on a transparency tour around the state to 12 different towns. We presented Vermont’s public records and open meeting laws to municipal and state employees and citizens who serve on local government boards.

The Caledonia Record has spoken highly of my efforts on transparency in two different editorials.

In February, 2012, I was pleased to launch a pilot program to provide unofficial election night results for the 2012 election cycle for the first time in VT. The legislature was pleased and now requires all cities and towns to use our automated unofficial election results system in future elections. As more towns comply, our election results to the public, the media, and our candidates will be more more accurate and up to date.

I have worked with my team to improve efficiency and productivity in the Secretary of State’s office. We have successfully implemented new IT Solutions throughout our office. In both Corporations, and Professional Regulation, we have taken our old cumbersome and in most cases inefficient processes and improved by going from 0% on-line activity to over 95% on-line activity. We launched a completely new and redesigned website for our overall office – now considered to be one of the best websites in VT state government.

We have reduced our use of temporary employees from 29 before I took office to 7 and we have cut our overtime by half. We have revised and improved our budget processes and as a result no longer need or use general fund dollars.

The bottom line of why I am running for reelection is this: I know how to get things done.

I hope I have earned your support to re-elect me in 2016 for another term.

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