Jim Condos Wins Secretary of State Democratic Primary

Secretary of State”.

In addition to serving 8 years in the Vermont Senate where he served as Chair of the Senate committees on Government Operations and Education, he served 18 years on the South Burlington City Council. He works as the manager of government and community relations for Vermont Gas Systems based in South Burlington.

“I have a unique background that sets me apart from my opponent in the general election”, said Condos. “Not only do I have decades more experience in business and public service to Vermonters, I believe my opponent, Jason Gibbs, actively participated in withholding information from Vermont citizens in his tenure as the Administration’s press secretary.

Condos has been critical of the Douglas administration and its commissioners’ stance on denying public access to state government records and meetings, often forcing Vermonters to take them to court for the documents. “Gibbs was part of the team that has eroded Vermonters faith in their government. The issue of transparency is a cornerstone of my campaign. The work of government must be open for citizen participation and oversight. Unless we restore public faith in our system, Vermont will struggle to move forward to remedy the many problems we are facing”.


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