Times Argus Letter: Supporting Jim Condos

Katie Wawrzyniak – Northfield

I had the privilege of working with Jim Condos when he was a senator from Chittenden County and chairman of the Senate Government Operations Committee. He is now a Democratic candidate for Secretary of State. Jim has lived in Vermont nearly his whole life and comes from a typical Vermont family. For over two decades he has worked in public office in the state of Vermont. He was on the South Burlington City Council for 18 years, eight of those years in a leadership position and served in the Vermont State Senate from 2001-2008. Jim has made a reputation for himself as an honest, hardworking and rational policy maker. I can say from experience that he is trustworthy and a man of his word. Jim has pledged to bring transparent open government to the office and has firmly stated he supports the Vermont Public Records Commission recommendation. He will work with the Legislature to create an ombudsman position that will help Vermont residents in obtaining records that have been historically difficult to obtain. Because Jim has had a long-standing reputation for effective public service, he is profoundly more in tune with Vermont politics and the people of the state. That is why I am voting for Jim Condos on Aug. 24, and I urge you to do the same.


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