Times Argus Letter: Voting for Condos

Gretchen Naylor – Montpelier

I am proud to be a Vermonter and have the privilege of living in our exceptional state. I believe that our public officials should reflect the best values of our citizenry: integrity, hard work and compassion. For this reason, I am voting for Jim Condos, former senator from Chittenden County, who has a proven record at both the city and state level of acting with these values as his principles. Our system of democracy needs leaders who care about the people. When Jim Condos was chair of the South Burlington City Council, he was an ardent supporter of affordable housing and public safety issues. As chair of the Senate Education and Senate Government Operations committees, Jim was passionate about quality education for our children, effective government for the people, and making sure that those who came to meet with him or testify before his committee were welcomed and treated with the utmost respect.

The Secretary of State’s office has an important role in educating and involving our citizens in their democratic rights and privileges. Jim Condos has demonstrated his ability to be inclusive and to allowing Vermonters to have effective input into the decision-making process of government. He has earned my vote both in the primary on August 24 and the general election in November.


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