Times Argus: VSEA Backs Jim Condos for Secretary of State

By Louis Porter


If Racine wins the primary contest, which will be decided in late August, the VSEA endorsement will carry on to the general election contest against Republican Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie, union officials said.

This year the union put “more weight on the practical” question of “who can put this to bed on election night” in November, Hooper said.

In addition to endorsing in the primary, the union is planning on organizing its members and volunteers in a more formal way to help Racine and the other candidates it endorsed Tuesday, Hooper said.

In addition to Racine the union choose Rep. Steve Howard, D-Rutland, as its pick for lieutenant governor, former Sen. Jim Condos of South Burlington for secretary of state, economics analyst Doug Hoffer of Burlington for state auditor, and a handful of House and Senate candidates. The VSEA will endorse more candidates later in the year, Hooper added.

“We are going to make a difference in this election,” Hooper said.


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