Times Argus: Voters choose in Lt. Gov, secretary of state and auditor’s race

By Louis Porter


Meanwhile, two residents of the Capital City, Charles Merriman and James Condos, battled it out for the Democratic nomination in the race for secretary of state. In the end, with major union endorsements and his experience in the State Senate, Condos was able to win the day by a decisive margin, 67-33 percent. Late Tuesday Condos said that the support he received in a contested primary will offer momentum heading in to the general election against Gibbs.

“I need to set my sights to start tomorrow on concentrating on the general election,” Condos said.

Condos said improving government transparency and strengthening campaign-finance laws will form the backbone of his campaign platform.

“I think promoting accountability from elected and public officials is going to be a key issue in this election,” Condos said.


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